Most people are by now fully aware of the importance of having backups of their data. Backups have become an absolute necessity, especially for companies who have a high throughput of data, companies whose revenue relies on their online platform and companies who store their important files digitally. Vellance has highly secure backup-facilities to safely accommodate your data.

  • Both on- and offsite backup possibilities
  • Backups are produced automatically and are monitored by us 24/7
  • Tailored backup-solutions that meet your exact requirements

Why should I let Vellance back up my data?

Here at Vellance, backups are considered bespoke solutions. All our backup solutions are based on your specific preferences: whether you want to generate a backup every week or every hour, and whether you want full or incremental backups – we'll set up the platform that's exactly right for you. By designing your backup platform in an intelligent manner you'll always get the best quality at the best price.

On top of that, we continuously make sure that your backups are in good working order. All backup platforms are connected to our 24/7 monitoring service, and we can also carry out backup tests and duplications upon request. 


The following matters factor into the decision of what type of backup platform is best for you:

Your goals and preferences

Naturally, your goals and the available budget in large part determine what kind of backup platform would be best for you. Companies that have a higher throughput of data will likely want to back up more often than companies with less variable data, and for some it might be best to only back up the content that has been added since the last backup. As there are countless possibilities we'd be happy to sit down with you for a (no-strings-attached) talk about the various options available to you.

Hardware/software configuration

What kind of backup platform you need is highly dependent on the setup of your existing platform. For Windows-based platforms, for instance, there are specific requirements that the backup platform has to meet. For this reason, you'll have to provide us with the specifications of your existing platform so that we may set up an appropriate backup platform. 

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