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High Availability

High Availability

Server failure can never be ruled out, and if it does happen, it may lead to downtime. And for some companies, that's a risk they're not willing to take. With Vellance's High Availability systems we'll always have a second server running in the background -- ready to pick up where the first one left off should it go down.

  • No downtime in the event of a server failure
  • Less strain on the individual servers that make up your platform
  • A faster platform
  • 100% scalable

How does High Availability work exactly?

A High Availability cluster is a set of servers that all run the same applications. Because they are all set up in the same way, they're all able to complete the same tasks. Which means that if one of the servers goes down, the next server in line can immediately take over. This process is called failover.

Dependent on what you want it to do, an HA cluster can be configured in a number of different ways. One of our network engineers will first sit down with you to determine what the settings for your cluster should be, and subsequently implement the cluster most suited to your needs. From that point onward, the system will automatically switch over to backup servers in the event of a server failure. You and your visitors will never even know anything happened. 


The most important factors that come into play when designing your HA platform are:

Your goals and preferences

Naturally, your goals and the available budget in large part determine what kind of HA cluster setup would be best for you. Vellance works with a set of two default architectures, to which custom changes are made based on the situation and the needs of the customer.

The software

If you have pre-existing software on your non-HA platform this will likely need to be updated or modified to make it better suited to the new High Availability architecture. Vellance will gladly first perform a software audit for you to determine exactly what needs to be modified. And we're also happy to assist your developers, should this be necessary!

Scalability of your platform

The degree of desired scalability/expandability of your platform is another major factor. If you're expecting traffic to blow up shortly after implementation this will influence the final decision as to what kind of configuration your new platform should take on.

Configuration choices

Hardware/configuration choices. As soon as the architecture is agreed upon, the settings of each individual process have to be carefully selected and implemented.


High availability platforms are tailored solutions. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us directly for any questions you might have (no strings attached).

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