Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud

Some companies are torn over the cloud: on the one hand there's a lot to be gained in terms of network performance and cost efficiency, but on the other hand it seems risky to put sensitive data on the cloud. For these companies, Vellance's hybrid cloud is the perfect solution. 

  • Decide for yourself which processes and data can be managed on the Vellance cloud, and which should be managed internally or on a private cloud
  • Complete control over the design and setup of your hybrid platform
  • Cheaper than a completely private solution, and safer than going 100% public

What is the Hybrid cloud?

At Vellance, we define the term hybrid cloud to be a combination of the Vellance cloud and a private network, where the private network constitutes either an on-premises network or a private cloud. The hybrid cloud is the perfect solution for those businesses that would like to leverage the scalability, cost efficiency and potential performance gains of the cloud, but aren't completely comfortable with the idea of storing all their data on a relatively public network. These businesses could choose to maintain their important data on-premises and manage the rest of their processes and data storage on the cloud, or even to put everything on a private cloud, but for many a combination of public and private is more cost efficient. The components of this hybrid solution are then connected through an encrypted connection, which allows the user to leverage both cloud models at the same time. 


The following matters are important to keep in mind when considering a hybrid cloud solution:

Setup of the platform

Since all our cloud platforms are bespoke solutions, it's best to start out with a clear-cut notion of what you want your platform to look like. Even though on-premises networks typically are made up of physical servers while the Vellance cloud consists of mostly virtualized servers, we're able to completely customize your platform to meet your exact needs. Whether you want a private cloud that consists of a combination of virtual and physical servers, or a hybrid cloud composed exclusively of physical servers: everything is possible.

Network security

If you're hesitant to store some data on a multi-tenant cloud (such as the Vellance cloud) out of compliance or security concerns, you could choose to store these data on a private cloud or an on-premises network. Your general data storage and less mission critical processes could then still be managed from the Vellance cloud, allowing you to maximize performance and cut down on internal IT costs. 

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