An enterprise platform has to be safe. That's the basis. No uninvited guests on your private network, and no virus-induced downtime. One way of making sure that your platform stays safe is by monitoring what kind of traffic you're getting on your platform, and who it originates from. With Vellance's IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention / Intrusion Detection) systems you'll have full control over all your data traffic, and you'll be able to keep malevolent intruders from wreaking havoc on your platform.  

  • Data traffic is monitored and logged for later inspection
  • Malevolent intruders are denied access to your network
  • 24/7 error detection monitoring
  • Vellance will install, configure and maintain your IPS/IDS system

How exactly do Vellance's IPS/IDS systems work?

Vellance typically uses the Snort software for IPS/IDS, which is a well-established and reputable product in the industry. Snort analyzes content real-time, logs suspicious activity on your platform and blocks security risks. Snort's settings are completely customizable, which means that you are always in complete control. And if you don't feel like dealing with all its settings, you can of course just leave this to us as well. 


The following factors may play into your decision of making use of an IPS/IDS system:


Do you have a high-traffic platform? If so, you have an increased risk of getting hacked and being confronted with viruses and other malware. IPS/IDS takes care of this problem.

Confidential information

Businesses that routinely handle confidential information cannot go without a proper IPS/IDS system. If maintaining your customers' trust is one of the core interests of your organization, doing all you can to secure your data should be a no-brainer.


Incorporating IPS/IDS as an additional security layer will also help safeguard your platform's uptime. If constant availability is mission critical to your company, getting IPS/IDS would be recommended.

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