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Load Balancing

Load Balancing

When a visitor connects to your platform, the system won't automatically know to take the distribution of server capacity into account. Because this is the case, your visitor may end up on a server that is already near maximum capacity, while other servers in your network may hardly be getting any traffic at all. You can use load balancers to effectively balance your traffic across all available servers, making your platform both more consistently available and efficient in terms of speed.  

  • Higher availability of your platform
  • Lower risk of server failure
  • Higher serving speeds

Why would I need Load Balancing?

Load balancers ensure that your platform is always available, and that all your processes run smoothly. To illustrate, one possible (bespoke) application of load balancers is to put load balancers between your application and database servers, so that database requests are distributed more evenly across the database servers. This greatly improves your platform's consistency and serving speed.

At Vellance, load balancers always come with a standard set of guarantees. We will connect all load balancers to our 24/7 monitoring platform, investigate load balancer failures as soon as they come up and immediately replace the hardware in the event of a faulty device. Moreover, we're highly flexible with regard to any specific preferences you might have regarding load balancing soft- and hardware. Bespoke load balancing solutions will always be designed in consultation with your technicians


The following aspects are important to take into account when considering the use of load balancers:

The size of your platform

If you have a fairly heavy-duty platform that attracts a lot of traffic, we would always recommend the use of load balancers. Without load balancers, a big traffic spike could easily lead to platform slowdowns or even local server failures. If your platform is fairly small and doesn't have a lot of traffic, load balancers are probably not necessary.  

Your goals and preferences

Load balancing solutions are fully customizable, so a useful starting point would be to have a clear sense of where load balancers would come in most handy. A good way of doing this would be to inventorize all the processes of which you would like to improve their performance. We can then effectively start designing a solution in consultation with you (or your technicians).

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