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For businesses whose online presence is mission critical, having the right platform is of crucial importance. A good indicator of platform strength is to know at what number of simultaneous visits the website slows down or goes down altogether. Load Tests are excellent tools to determine what this number is. The results that come out of a Load Test can be used to optimize your business platform or to set up a new platform that's better suited to your traffic flow.

  • Your platform can be load tested using a typical number of visitors, or as many as possible
  • Behavioral simulations give detailed insight into your platform's performance
  • We'll compile the results in a neatly organized report, including platform modification recommendations

What is a Load Test?

In a Load Test, the first thing we do is to 'record' your visitors and their behavioral patterns on your website. This recording can then be used to simulate traffic flows (whether this be 500 or 500,000 people a day), so as to gain a better understanding of your platform's performance. Vellance will extensively monitor your platform during these so-called 'playbacks', and pay specific attention to such elements as RAM usage, database-performance and web analytics.

Based on these results we will then draw up a report containing our platform optimization recommendations. If your platform is hosted by us we also offer the option to immediately implement our suggested changes to your platform. Typical examples of recommendations or changes made to the platform are database-optimization, moving static content to the Vellance CDN and up- or downscaling the number of servers that you are using based on your needs as identified by the Load Test.  


The following is important to consider when performing a load test:

Your hosting provider

Is your platform hosted by Vellance or by another hosting provider? In the latter case, your hosting provider will have to provide some of the necessary information to be able to perform the load test. 

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