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Security Audit

Security Audit

Nothing is as important to online companies as the security of their IT platforms. But even businesses who only maintain their private networks or data storage online are always exposed to a certain level of risk. If you want to be absolutely certain that your IT platform is secure, you can get security audited by Vellance. We'll investigate where the potential pitfalls are for your company, and how these may be resolved.  

What to achieve through a Security Audit?

  • Make sure that outsiders don't have access to your data
  • Mitigate the risk of hackers taking down your platform
  • Know your risks and have measurements in place
  • Save money in the long term by preventing damage to your platform early on

How thorough you want the security audit to be is completely up to you. Our security auditors can test the security of your platform at all conceivable levels – network-infrastructure, the servers, and even your personnel. As soon as we've determined what levels of security should be audited we'll start analyzing your platform and exposing its vulnerabilities. The results of the security audit will subsequently be recorded in a detailed report. This report will also include an action plan, which consists of a series of steps towards the elimination of the security risk. Our security experts will then execute this plan, making your IT environment absolutely impenetrable to outsiders


The following are important to consider if you are looking to get the security of your platform audited:

Your type of hosting account

You'll have to make an informed decision as to whether a security audit is right for your type of hosting account. If your platform is installed on a low-priced shared hosting account with only a few common pictures, a security audit is not advisable. If, on the other hand, you maintain a large hosting platform with medical records, securing this platform is an absolute necessity.

Your current security situation

It's very important you consider security a necessity. In the end, good security should be part of your corporate culture. Are you aware of the risks your organisation is subject to? Do you know where your data is? Have you tried testing your backups by implementing them, and is all software and the network infrastructure up to date?

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