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Streaming Server

If offering media playback services is part of your services, having the right platform to do this effectively should be your first priority. After all, even the tiniest bit of lag will impair your end user's viewing experience to no end. Streaming servers allow you to quickly load and stream video and audio real-time.

Streaming server
  • Play back media files without having to wait
  • Our streaming servers can be connected to the Vellance CDN for better performance
  • We support a wide range of software platforms, including lesser known ones
  • Detailed analytics

How do streaming servers work?

Streaming is generally considered the opposite of downloading: when you download a media file, you'll only be able to play it back once it's fully downloaded. By contrast, streaming was invented to accommodate the impatient. Streaming servers take files and break them up into smaller pieces. As these pieces can be loaded separately, end users don't have to wait for a complete file to load before being able to start playing it back. The tradeoff usually comes in the form of lesser quality when streaming a file, but for many consumers the speed advantage and convenience will be preferable. 


The following things are important to take into account when considering the use of a streaming server:

File type

What is the format of your media files? Although we support a whole host of file types, most streaming software platforms can only play back a certain file type. For us to make an informed decision it is thus important that you communicate what types of files you would like to serve to your end users.

Back-up possibilities

Having a back-up platform is fairly indispensable if you're offering media playback services as a product. In the streaming media industry, reliability is everything: random interruptions and outages could easily put consumers off your product.  

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