Vellance CDN

The Vellance Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global network of servers, spread out over several datacenters. The Vellance CDN can be leveraged to serve so-called static content to end users extremely quickly. Static content is content that is loaded in from a server, as opposed to content that's dynamically generated upon loading a page. Typical examples of static content are images, multimedia files and streaming content.

  • Super-fast static content
  • More bandwidth for dynamic content on your own servers
  • Global coverage, so the best possible speeds for all your visitors
  • Perfect for (international) campaigns that use lots of images and streaming video

What exactly does the Vellance CDN do?

The main goal of a CDN is to deliver data to end users faster. Data is transported to the end user via 'hops' from server to server. Each hop takes time, and as such it is important to minimize the number of hops between the individual offering the content and the end user. Thanks to the global footprint of our CDN, end users are always close to at least one of our servers, which means that the requested content can be delivered to the right address much quicker.

An additional benefit to the CDN is that popular content will be cached (which is to say: temporarily stored) on our caching nodes, still decreasing the time it takes for content to load in. This means your own platform will need less bandwidth to be able to provide the same content, that your servers aren't as strained and that content loads much faster for your end users. There really aren't any downsides to using the CDN.  


The following is important to consider if you're looking to make use of the Vellance CDN:

Static content

How much static content do you have on your current platform, or will you have on the platform you are setting up? If your website consists mostly of dynamic content (content that is generated upon requesting a page) a CDN might not be the most sensible choice for you. If the opposite is true, using the Vellance CDN is a great way of increasing your content delivery speed. 

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