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Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual Dedicated Server

If your platform is fairly sizable but you think physical servers are too expensive or inflexible, using Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) is an excellent alternative. A Vellance VDS offers all the benefits of virtualization, without you ever having to share resources with others.

Why should I want a Virtual Dedicated Server?

  • Immediately and fully scalable
  • Always have full access to your allocated amount of CPU, RAM and Storage
  • No traffic caps

The main advantage of VDS's over physical servers is that you're always able to immediately scale up or down when this is needed, and that they are much more affordable than physical servers. You also won't have to update the hardware anymore, as the focus is on capacity when using virtualized servers. This means that Vellance will make sure that all hardware is up-to-date behind the scenes, and that all you need to do is indicate how much capacity you need for your platform.

Typically, several Virtual Dedicated Servers will be hosted on a single physical machine, where properties like CPU, RAM and storage are shared by all users on the same physical platform. Even though many hosting providers will allocate an equal amount of capacity to each customer, they usually allow a certain level of capacity 'overflow' across VDS's in case of traffic spikes. With a Vellance VDS, you are the only person to have access to your allocated capacity, which means that your platform is both faster and more consistent. No surprises – you get what you pay for. 


The following aspects are important to consider if you're thinking about getting a VDS at Vellance:

Storage and RAM requirements

If you need a lot of storage (e.g. 750 GB or more) or memory (e.g. 16 GB RAM or more), purchasing physical servers is likely cheaper than making use of the virtualized cloud model. If you're unsure about your system requirements you can always contact us for advice – 100% no strings attached.

Scalability and flexibility

If scalability is a hard requirement for you, a VDS is almost always preferable to a physical server. When you're using virtualized servers, the emphasis is on capacity – not on physical hardware. This means that whenever you need more capacity, we can immediately tack on more servers. Even if you'd only need this extra capacity for a single month.

Consistency and speed

Many hosting providers will give you a certain amount of RAM and storage, only to then have other users on the same physical server use up your capacity when their platforms get more traffic than usual. The problem with this is that, whenever another user's traffic spikes, your platform's performance will suffer from this tremendously. With a Vellance VDS, you will always be the only one to have access to your allocated capacity.

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