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Sometimes it's best to defer to expert judgment. Our consultants will help you set up and bring your project to a good close.

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Vellance continuously invests in the knowledge of its employees. We do this because our employees love what they do, and are always trying to learn more. But also because this greatly improves the services we're able to offer. One of those services is consultancy, where the various skillsets of our employees combine to form a comprehensive library of knowledge. And there is nothing we like to do more than to leverage all this knowledge to make sure your project is brought to a successful close.

  • A myriad of specialties, ranging from network infrastructure to Big Data and database optimalization
  • The emphasis is on finding solutions, not on throwing around lingo
  • Our consultants know how to communicate on all levels and adapt to the client's wishes 


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DMA Institute cooperates with Smart Information Solutions and Vellance to realize a 6000% performance boost.

The Vellance M.O.

People at times forget, but managed hosting is about people first and foremost. We pride ourselves in only using top-shelf products at Vellance, but it's our dedicated team of experts that makes the real difference. No-nonsense, and always looking for the right solution. That is Vellance's strength.



Vellance is ISO 27001 certified and WBP-compliant, and our datacenters meet all relevant industry standards. The following certifications are represented at our datacenters: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, PCI DSS, FACT and SSAE16 Type II.  

Private Cloud

Trusted cloud

All Vellance's cloud models are 'trusted'. In our case this means we pledge that all data stored on the Vellance private/public cloud will never leave the country unintended. We always know exactly where your data is stored. And above all, your data is properly secured. Our dedication to awareness, security, privacy and accuracy is reflected by our ISO 27001 certification and our DHPA membership. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is consultancy at Vellance always a paid service?

This depends on what type of consultancy you're interested in receiving, and also on whether or not you're one of our existing customers or relations. If your platform is not hosted by us, we will naturally charge for any form of hosting-related consultancy. If you're interested in hiring us to organize a knowledge sharing event (e.g. a workshop) at your organization, we will likely also have to charge for this.

On the other hand, if you want to be advised about a platform that is hosted by us, or if you're interested in our services and want to receive information within that context, in most cases this will be completely free of charge.

What exactly does consultancy entail at Vellance?

There are various forms of consultancy on offer at Vellance. We can provide technical advice, hold workshops at your organization, assist in providing services to your customers, and lots more. We have a diverse range of expertises, and can both communicate effectively with your technicians and break everything down into information that is readily digestible by laypeople.

Will Vellance also come along to customers?

Sure! Vellance is glad to assist you in aiding your customers, so our consultancy services extend to that level as well.