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At Vellance, the security and privacy of your data are guaranteed according to the highest standards in cybersecurity.

We respect your data and your privacy

At Vellance, security is always our number one priority. If you entrust your data to us, it is important to us that you know your data can't and won't be abused. This is why we make sure that outsiders don't ever have access to your data – in whatever way, shape or form. And that our own employees are extremely careful in dealing with your data. All of which is reflected in our certifications.  


  • Vellance is ISO 27001 certified and meets the highest industry standards in security

  • All the data hosted by Vellance is encrypted before it is stored

  • Our highly secure datacenters are impenetrable to outsiders


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The Vellance M.O.

People at times forget, but managed hosting is about people first and foremost. We pride ourselves in only using top-shelf products at Vellance, but it's our dedicated team of experts that makes the real difference. No-nonsense, and always looking for the right solution. That is Vellance's strength.



Vellance is ISO 27001 certified and WBP-compliant, and our datacenters meet all relevant industry standards. The following certifications are represented at our datacenters: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, PCI DSS, FACT and SSAE16 Type II.  

Private Cloud

Trusted cloud

All Vellance's cloud models are 'trusted'. In our case this means we pledge that all data stored on the Vellance private/public cloud will never leave the country unintended. We always know exactly where your data is stored. And above all, your data is properly secured. Our dedication to awareness, security, privacy and accuracy is reflected by our ISO 27001 certification and our DHPA membership. 

Our products & services

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